the hope of healing due to lack of medicine, says that the bone cancer patient is dying with a lot of people’s dreams and hopes due to lack of medicines.His name is Amanuel Jaafer, he was born and raised in the southern zone of Tigray in Alamata city and he is a fifth year student of Chemical #Engineering class at Dire Dawa University.In the field of education he learned, his life journey filled with hope to serve his country and the people was also successful for him. However, he will encounter an event that will destroy his bright hope.He was forced to go back to his family after four months to graduate with a good result of more than four years of his education. #Doctors who received medical treatment tell him that he is suffering from bone cancer. So Amanuel’s journey to fulfill his dreams and hopes is a debt.Even though Amanuel has shown signs of improvement in his health, his family and colleagues have been asking for his medical treatment. The fascist group has declared a genocide against the people of Tigray and the prohibition and the hope of recovery due to the lack of medicine, he has become a bedsheet and has suffered a lot.The mother of Amanuel Mrs. Zenebu Tesfay came from Alamata Mekelle to save her child’s life and did everything she could to make her child sick. She has lost a lot of hope because of the lack of medicine for her child’s pain, her mother’s tear that doesn’t stop flowing from her eyes.The many-hopeful young Amanuel fascist group has announced that many people who are suffering from a disease that can be cured due to the prohibition on the people of Tigray have died due to the lack of medicine. It is not sure that his fate is not except this.The fascist Abiy team that the Tigray people are dying with hunger and lack of medicine, says Amanuel with a broken heart.Amanuel’s mother Mrs. Zenebu Tesfay is now expecting a chance to get a medicine to survive from the extreme suffering her child has suffered. The international community has put humanity first and food to get medicine and food that her child needs to be saved and not to lose the right to live #God has given her right to live. The international community should put humanity first before everything and give medicine and food. Who is she.By the power of darshamaw.

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