It is a discussion that peace will be found in any country under the sun. Even though war is over by one side victory, lasting peace will be achieved by politics. This is why the Tigray army is expressing its stand on peace and independence in different ways.
To keep peace, not to attack by security forces and not to be a toy of internal and external armed forces, it is science and modernity to be armed with weapons. Although it is appropriate to protect and attack the enemy with weapons, it is important to solve the conflict with a discussion before the #war starts, it is wise and the level of political alertness. This is why the people of Tigray and the government of Tigray have tried their best to protect the constitution built by their blood in the constitution.
Abi Ahmed’s army, Esayas Afeworki and the expanded Amhara and Amhara have been fired at #Tigray. If any armed man stands for the people, and to protect them from any enemy, it will be praised and respected. When he turns the weapon to the people and starts firing a bullet, the end of the institution will be the beginning. #Abis and Abiy’s armed forces know that they can’t handle their own army only for the people of Tigray, Eritrean and Somali armed forces killed the people of Arab Emirates, Russia, China and other drones and human forces by inviting and renting and buying.
The true armed identity of the people is expressed by the attitude of peace, the modernity of the armed forces in his hands, the victory that he has in his campaign, etc. It is measured by the attitude and actions of the unarmed peaceful people. When the armed people and the people who look at the enemy side of the people who are called my people, it can be called a public #army. Abis and Abis army have destroyed Tigray’s infrastructure as they have expressed in their own language and did their best to destroy it from the earth. They are still trying to kill the Tegar more than last year.
The government and the people of Tigray have known and understood Abiy Ahmed’s and Sherik’s academy from the beginning. In order to protect the overall development of the country and the peace of the Horn of Africa, even though there is no ear to hear, the genocide has opened a way for Tigray genocide. Without the killing of the people of Tigray, the armed forces of Tigray have made the world clear by the punishment of TPLF. The Tigray government and the people of Tigray, which was built in a short period of time, has freed most of the Tigray land from the invaders forces and sent to Addis Ababa with the weapons they got from the enemy. More than 300 kilometers from Mekelle, North Shoa, Gesegessewa, 200 kilometers away from #Addis_Ababa, the army needs a political decision discussion by force, rather than taking power by force, they have returned to the place without any influence to establish a transitional government. This peace seeker Tigray army has been welcomed worldwide by its public and peaceful behavior.
In fact, the Tigray army is armed with a fire that spits out a fire. The weapon that the armed enemy has used to kill the people of Tigray, the Tigray army didn’t want to change and revenge. The Tigray government led TPLF (People’s Woyane Arnet Tigray) since its birth, it has not been wronged by itself and other oppressed people, to destroy Derg and after the demolition of Derg, Tigrians will extend their hands for peace. This Tigrian army has protected the people and property of Afar and Amhara region without touching the respect of any civil society and demolishing the infrastructure. More than that, the armed people in the area should give up their hands or have their weapons at home and made them live a peaceful life.
It is difficult to explain the genocide that the animal and cruel Abiy and his allies have done in just eight months by destroying the people and infrastructure of Tigray. It is known that the enemies have killed many innocent people in Tigray. And the genocide committed by psychopaths and disabled people in Tigray by raping women and displacing millions is unforgettable and unforgettable. The Tigray Army is a public army that seeks peace, so the enemy army has allowed them to live by force and by considering that they are going to war.
The people of Tigray have been living in a very dark #life for the past three years. In all four directions many invaders have become a source for eagles and hyenas. It is known that 6.2 million people have been exposed to hunger in this war #UNCHR report has been released. Ethiopian people and the world should be put into action by understanding that the option of peace given by the people of Tigray and the government should be put to use.
It is clear that the Tigray army has not accepted the peace call and the situation will change to a worse situation if it takes time. In Tigray for the past 13 months, it is impossible to shut down and suppress other infrastructures from the world. Following this, it is better to understand that the Tigray army will not be responsible for the war that is going on for the sake of peace and survival. So everyone should understand that the Tigray army is ready to sacrifice for peace. Just for the sake of peace.

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