Dr. Abiy Ahmed and his diplomacy path.
In October 2013, probably ten days before the Tigray ethnic cleansing campaign, Abiy Ahmed said that the Ethiopian government’s diplomacy is “cheating way, we violate national and international laws and agreements openly, and we violate them knowingly, and we will violate the rules and pretend that we don’t know to the world community. We are here, so every Ethiopian He told us that leadership has to understand and implement this. So Dr. Abiy Ahmed is a leader who believes that Ethiopia’s foreign relations should be led by cheating. After the Ethiopian Air Force deliberately beat the rural town of Togoga which is near Mekelle in June on the Tigray Martyrs’ Day, the federal government ordered the members of the temporary administration to announce that the Tigrian forces killed civilians in order to prevent the crime committed and change the agenda. The federal government has issued a statement saying that we will not release this statement and instead we are saying that Ethiopian air force has killed civilians and there has been a lot of controversy over the issue, the federal government has issued an announcement saying “the Tigray defense forces killed the Gizian administration officials”
In June, the Ethiopian Defence Force and Eritrean Army in collaboration with the coordination of Dr. Debretsion and Getachew Reda that was dispersed in Kola Tembe from 11 June 2013 to 21 June 2013 E.C. was completely destroyed by Tigray Defence Forces. The angry defense force has ordered the entire Tigray region temporary administration officials to stay in Axum hotel, at the last hour the federal government has conspired to kill us by plane. However, since I was aware of the issue, we broke the chain of command and went to Afar by car. While we were watching the abyss of Abala, as usual, when the federal government said “I have declared a ceasefire agreement based on the request of the Giziian administration” we as every Ethiopian citizen heard it was a difficult road trip in our car. Our request from the Tigray region temporary administration to reach a ceasefire agreement on Junebet was rejected with a lot of anger but the whole Tigray region temporary administration cabinet knows.
In March, April, and May, I asked the European Union, America and other diplomats to stop the ethnic cleansing in western Tigray, and to take action by the broad Amhara special force, Milisha and Fano and Eritrean army to solve the social crisis and hunger that is happening in Tigray. Even though their response was positive, they haven’t taken any action yet, 5.2 million of our people are in severe distress, more than one million children and women are starving, more than two million of our people have been displaced from their homes and their homes, fallen on the streets and deserts, and suffering for seven months without salary, electricity, telephone, banking services and medicine supply. He has left standing as a spectator against the objective and vision of which institutions were founded. Unless the African Union, the European Union and the United States of America take immediate action on this issue, they will be in the forefront of the parties accused of the genocide in Tigray.
A month ago when the Tigray defense forces arrived at Debre Birhan, the commander of the American military in Djibouti, General William Zana said “our first goal is to give a military response to the crisis that is happening in East Africa”.
For those who understand, if the Tigray defense force tries to overthrow the criminal and criminal Ethiopian government, I will rain fire on them. It has been heard that they said “we are ready to take military measures” because of the misunderstanding between the Somali president and prime minister yesterday. Anyway, it has been a year without the international support of the Tigray people and the defense force. We are watching the criminal Ethiopian government and its allies, who worships diplomacy by fraud, being openly accused by the Tigray defense force by pretending to be the messenger of America. We are watching the American military that is sitting in Djibouti as they are unable to open humanitarian aid corridors. He is watching while Eritrean soldiers are breaking the border of Tigray and raping thousands of women, monks, elderly people and girls.
It is known that we will analyze the truth as we understand it. But the truth is that we will not change it. Abiy Ahmed has become a role model in international relations. He has become a leader that the world hates. Abiy’s soul was saying look at me yesterday and karma is saying hide me today. Abiy has now become Esayas Afeworki who boasts in his village. In other words Abiy Ahmed On his own Perkad has chosen to be the elder of the village. Although I understand that the world that awarded him yesterday is disgusted to see him today, but we are seeing the administration struggling to take action. The years that Abiy stays in power will continue to be an additional debt to Ethiopia. As long as Abiy is in power, our country will be a segregated and poor country.
Foreign relations you need to respect the traditions and values agreed upon by some countries of the world. The world demands to be polite. Once decency goes down, it will never come back. The problem is that when a leader is humiliated by the world, he humiliates the country. Whether you like it or not, Abiy is exonerated from the world because of his crimes. His ability to play is fulfilled. The world hates him. Even if he is Africans, Abiy. It is disgusting. It is not necessary to use a witch to predict the problems that a leader who is expelled from abroad will cause to our country. It is better to see the neighboring countries. At least it is enough to see the son of a traitor named NAM Zeleke.
Abiy has been separating since he invaded Tigray ethnic cleansing. The wrong way he went to solve political differences by military was not liked before. When Abiy started the war, he wanted to wash his hands and say he is innocent from the blood. But the racist soldiers and his accomplices have never been heard in the villages of Tigray They have committed it. An ever-ending crime has been committed on the people of Tigray by inviting Isayas the vengeful. The neighbor that smells like barud jumped in like a hyena that jumped in to grab land and property. Everyone got involved in crime.
What Abiy has forgotten is that there is no country that wants to touch a leader who commits a political crime. International laws do not have the right to kill their citizens. Being superiority respects the right not the right to kill. The crime Abiy has committed is a guard standing on everyone’s way. It is an obstacle. Now everyone should think about this because they are in their feelings. It’s not a season. It’s not the season to think about tomorrow. But tomorrow can’t be avoided..
Abiy Ahmed is a leader who has the grace given in a short period of time, with a country that has a great geopolitical advantage like Ethiopia, and fell at the feet of Esayas Afeworki who has been hated by the world. The world is cruel. You can’t be forced to remember yesterday’s worthless praise and award. It has no place for that. The problem is not only the issue of being prosecuted for the crime he committed. It is a matter of law. When you commit a crime, you will be separated from the world. The democratic world will not be willing to accept Abiy. From now on, there is no going to Europe. Unless the leaders are in trouble, they will run away from holding a leader who committed a crime. You can’t wash away a crime. Abiy may continue as a village leader. Foreign financial aid and investment will remain. The so called rapid development will only be a talk. The country is a place of unemployment. That would be her. Country side. Capital will also run away. Even in the country internal democratic cooperation will not happen in Abiy’s regime.
Leaders like this will prolong the people’s hard times. It is enough to see Esayas Afewerki. Esayas will not do anything serious after leaving his village. He is a leader who has been separated from the world. A leader who has violated human rights cannot walk in the streets of Europe and America. You cannot go to Brussels, Washington and Geneva. Those who go to the mentioned countries will only be Eritreans who fled him.
The fraudulent diplomacy strategy he covered,
We have heard that Ethiopia has been cancelled from AGOA this week. The United Nations Human Rights Commission (UNHRC) has also decided to investigate the human rights violations committed in our country by an independent team. If we take both of them, we can see how much the diplomatic balance of Abiy’s government has been lowered. The financial support given by the European Union has also been cancelled. Ethiopia’s building. Countries that believe in humanity and democracy than weapons sellers It’s only happening. The only weapon that can be found from Turkey, Iran, Russia. Turks are the people who killed Ahmed Giragn with weapons. Russia was helping Derg. These countries are known for its negative side. So I don’t think there is anyone who can say our country can develop with these people. The Abiy who was saying he will be jealous by begging can get wet from Arabs with a bag. As it is, there will be no one that is useful for the people.
It is important to know the meaning of the removal of Agwa. The removal of Agwa will cause the job of 100,000 workers to fall. There is no foreign currency that is estimated at 100 million. The government is spending money for the diaspora to enter. The Chinese who invested in the American market migrate to other countries. The Chinese don’t want to stay in a country that doesn’t have foreign currency. China More of what she does for us Expecting something to happen is innocence.
We have to agree on one issue is that the Ethiopian people are pulling Abiy out of 4 kilo. The world is not responsible for dragging Abiy. But the relationship is broken. To save the country we need to get rid of the man. That is why the suffering and suffering of the Ethiopian people is prolonging. America is not a supporter of Ethiopia led by Abiy and Tigray. However, the Tigray defense force has returned from Debre Birhan, it has prolonged the suffering of the people of Tigray and Ethiopia.
The decision that the Human Rights Commission of the United Nations should investigate Abiy’s crime by an international free investigative team shows how discriminated Abiy Ahmed is. First the agenda was developed and developed European countries and America. The ones who stand by Abiy are Russia and some African countries. The decision is a bear debt in Abiy’s neighborhood. It is to be hit by a hammer. Abiy’s government is yet to be caught on the agenda. We were blinded by the press release because it created a great fear. The result was predicted by fear. The spilled blood of Tigray is screaming loudly. Nowadays free measures are not possible. They have shown that you can’t live in peace by killing people. Abiy’s cheating diplomacy road has also been proven.
The problem is that as long as Abiy is in power, our country’s boycott will continue. When it comes to the saying “give the criminals to justice tomorrow, the day when the generals who troubled the media will hide is not far away. They will be brought to the international court tomorrow for the crimes they committed.
In the end, it is necessary to remove the group that came under the slogan “love wins” by the world countries and institutions and the entire Ethiopian people. If you don’t do this, I will tell you in a clear language.

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