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These countries are still killing innocents after Abiy’s weapons are armed up to his nose. Abiy, who has destroyed the agent of the Ethiopian people and the whole economy of the country on the purchase of weapons, says that the war is going on between weapons and people.
Even though Abiy gathered his soldiers in Kasagita or Kombolcha and said “you are the pride of Ethiopia” but the truth is that the fighters are flying in the sky were planes and drones that have been bought for years in debt that the country has not paid for.
The Gulf countries that have been robbed by the sale of a military aircraft and are suffering from the sale of weapons that Abiy wants to destroy the war between Tigray and Abiy.
Even though America and the West asked for a peaceful discussion to reach an emergency tax stop agreement, the armed countries that want to keep Abiy in power have looked at the issue very carefully. The New York Times has explained that Selamawit Kassa didn’t answer this question about the drone strike on the innocent people of Tigray.
The report has shown that the invasion on Tigray is not a war with one country or with one force but a world-wide content and a country that has a lot of weapons and a country that is a war that is going on. He said that this is the form of a war between men and weapons that the country has faced like Libya.
Nowadays, it is common to see huge cargo loads that are being raised from the United Arab Emirates and the Addis Ababa airport. In January, because of the pressure that was being put on by the American President Joe Biden’s administration, the drones that were being put away from the sky of Tigray, now the Chinese products are being given to Ethiopia by the Arab Emirates, the innocent people have increased.
The report shows that the drones that are being killed in Tigray, the leader of the Arab Emirates National Security Adviser, Tahnu Bin Zaid Al Nahyan, have stopped the efforts that America is trying to solve the war peacefully. And the United Arab Emirates have not denied that it is necessary to do a part of the agreement.
A week ago, the American Ambassador Jeffrey Feltman has responded to the report that he talked to Shek Al Nahyan about this issue and said that he won’t load weapons to Ethiopia.
The report states that Ethiopia that was attacked by drones from China to Iran, from United Arab Emirates to Turkey is under great pressure in America. America has warned Abiy that the Iranian force is the main actor of Shiyazha by taking an example that America has traveled by Iran Airport and the “quds force” is the Iranian force.
General Tsadqan G/Ersasa, who gave explanation to the New York Times, has stated that ten drones were seen in the sky of Tigray at one time.
And when the New York Times reports, Abiy says that he is armed with modern drones and seems to be winning from the time, but this won’t take him long. Mr. Senger, a drone expert, says the war between Ethiopia and Libya is equal to the war between Spanish in 1930 in Spanish. At that time, foreign forces introduced new technology weapons and used to test them. This is what is happening in Tigray.
Clearly language technology can not be a guarantee for overall victory. The strength and strength of the army will be crucial to the result of the war.

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