Washington — American President Joe Biden and their peers, Russian President Vladimir Putuni, warned yesterday in a Manza relationship on Tuesday that they would impose tough economic sanctions against the country by the North Atlantic Alliance (NATO) if Moscow tried to invade Ukraine. Relations are becoming the two leaders of the two nations’ after body discussions in Geneva in June last month.In yesterday’s contact, President Biden warned Putin to refrain from moving their forces facing Ukraine.Russia has about 10 thousand troops on borders Ukraine is known to be struggling. Us national security adviser Jake Sullivan told Voice of America that if russia moves militarily, America will push tough economic sanitation through the path of its friends in Europe and NATO countries. ‘During the relationship, President Putin is demanding NATO’s repeated membership. They asked President Biden to reassure them that Ukraine would not join the alliance.Biden and Putin’s relationship with Chinese leader Xi Xinping is becoming a top leaders’ top leaders’ after last month’s encounter,’ during which President Biden was their top agenda and Taiwan’s issue, according to analysts. Russia for Ukraine


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