Last year like today, it was a time when darkness was on the people of Tigray. If we fall under our enemies, there was a fear of what will happen to us. This threat was not because of the reason why the enemies were thinking about it morning and night to destroy the people.
The Tigray government has put in a list of things that our enemies can do on the people of Tigray.
Fascist Abiy Ahmed, the invader Esayas Afeworkin and his allies and the Amhara hopeful forces have committed a brutal genocide by creating an invasion on the people of Tigray.
Last year like today, the Tigray government had issued a historical press release. Fascist Abiy Ahmed said “history repeats itself” like the Ethiopian military and military systems are repeating the atrocities and atrocities committed by the people of Tigray, while the people of Tigray are working one by one to destroy the people of Tigray from the earth.
In addition, the fascist Abiy Ahmed said that the dictator Esayas Afework and his leader is committing treason and betrayal to take revenge.
The Tigray government is still there. Abiy has done it shamelessly. Dictator Esayasem used this opportunity and committed genocide by the people of Tigray by violating the border.
Abiy Ahmed said that the government of Tigray has said that Abiy Ahmed has planned a conspiracy plan to make the people of Tigray kneel down and surrender the country’s sovereignty. Sovereignty has given the country to the invaders without faith.
Last year like today, the Tigray government has put a step on innocent and unbelievers. He has put a solution to the danger that we are facing by putting a possible threat.
Last year like today, fascist Abiy swindled the army to bow down to the people of Tigray, disqualified the army, removed the weapons from the place, the dictator Esayas team, the Amhara Tesfaye force, the Emirat Arab drones and other modern weapons.
At that time, the Tigray government has made it clear that the problem caused by Abiy’s conspiracy is fascist Abiy Ahmed and the dictator Esayas Afework. This is what the people and government of Tigray have today.
Last year like today, the government and people of Tigray collected from their own agricultural tax and the legal budget and other support from fascist Abiy has been banned.
Fascist Abiy has declared a direct war by violating the rights of the people of Tigray and cut the budget. The war is still going on, using humanitarian support as a weapon of war, the people of Tigray have caused problems with hunger and related problems.
Even though the government of Tigray had warned about this accident, there would have been no audience at that time. But today the whole world is giving testimony to this.
Last year like today, the Tigray government has made it clear that the fascist Abiy is not going to sell the country’s sovereignty.
Because of the unitary dictator Abiy Ahmed, Ethiopian nations, nationalities and peoples have entered into an unknown huge conflict and disintegration, he called for the solution to save the country based on the federalist forces to choose a way to change the danger and to destroy the fascist group.
The invasion that the Tigray government has said is not only beneficial for the people of Tigray but also for Ethiopia.
Last year like today, the Tigray people and government had said that the United Forces are using political weapons to protect the country’s sovereignty and borders and to bring peace to the people. The FDRE defense force has understood this and has been told in a language that doesn’t matter.
But then the Tigray government didn’t get a message. But today not last year, the Tigray government’s message was heard by Abiy’s conspiracy and sent to Tigray land for genocide. The FDRE army has no mercy. Tigray has become the burial ground as it is said.
The Tigray government, international and international organizations, the diplomatic community that was in Ethiopia, the regional, and the disintegration of this country has decided to contribute their legal and moral responsibility to save Ethiopia from war and disintegrated and disintegrating the regional, continental and international outcome of the world.
This is not what the Tigray government said before, the country is going down in the deep end by the war of fascist Abiy.
Last year like today, the Tigray government and the people of Eritreans have sacrificed for their freedom, and the Tigrian people have paid the price by standing beside him, the dictator Esayas Afework and the army warned that the people of Tigray are on their way to war again.
It has revealed that both the dictators and fascists have signed a secret agreement to satisfy their thirst for power by closing the relationship between Tigray and Eritrea.
In this war, our people have seen everything that was called evil. The animal Eritrean army has committed an unforgettable atrocity on the people of Tigray by the dictator Esayas.
Last year like today, the Tigray government had put the dictator Esayas as if there is a problem that will happen in Ethiopia.
But today is not last year, the people and government of Tigray are destroying their enemies with a high scale of power to bury them.
The Tigray government’s greed is in its place, it doesn’t change or decrease. Tigray is coming out of the dark and winning with the right arm.

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