On Monday, Twitter disabled the accounts of at least a dozen Ethiopians and Eritreans and their related groups.

The accounts targeted by Twitter are best known for their support for Ethiopia’s and Eritrea’s governments, and for articulating dangerously violent, hateful and genocidal narratives against Ethnic Tigrayans in Ethiopia.

These accounts also recently helped promote the #NoMore hashtag campaign against the West.

Among the disabled accounts was Horn of Africa Hub, a page started in October 2021 with 18.8 thousand followers that describe itself as “combating false, deadly narratives about the Horn of Africa,” including in Ethiopia, Somalia, Eritrea, Djibouti, “and beyond.”

The page had been instrumental in promoting the #NoMore hashtag campaign, which became immensely popular with the Pro-government Ethiopian and Eritrean communities both inside those countries and around the globe.

The group is also accused of disseminating well-crafted hate messages against Tigrayans which at times went to the extent of subtly calling for exterminating of Tigrayans, arguing that to be “the final solution for Ethiopia’s and Eritrea’s problems’.

More than 30 demonstrations have been conducted in Addis Ababa and in more than 30 countries around the globe which used the hashtag #NoMore. The demonstrations demanded the US stop sanctioning Ethiopia and Eritrea and to stop criticizing Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed for crimes it committed over the course of the war on Tigray. The demonstrations also condemned the Western media which were at the fore front in exposing the grave atrocities on Tigrayans civilians committed by Ethiopian government and allies which included massacres, use of hunger and sexual violence as weapons of war and ethnic cleansing.

Another account taken down was that of Eritrea’s Simon Tesfamariam’s. Tesfamariam is regarded by many Eritreans to be Eritrean government’s chief spy in the overseas. He also is executive director of the New Africa Institute and one of the administrators of the Horn of Africa Hub page.

His account had more than 36,800 followers.

Twitter has taken down thousands of accounts over the years for dangerous messages that they propagate. Twitter also takes down accounts which is considers are channels of state-directed disinformation operations.

The conflict in Ethiopia began in November 2020 when Ethiopia, backed by Eritrea, Somalia, UAE, Amhara and other Ethiopian Regional States moved to oust TPLF-led regional government in Tigray.

After early setbacks, the Tigray Forces forced Ethiopian military and their allies out of most part of Tigray, recaptured the regional capital, and launched their own offensive into neighboring Afar and Amhara regions, making an already massive humanitarian crisis worse.

Tigray has been under a total blockade by Ethiopian government and allies since June, pushing 900,000 into famine and 1.8 million into famine-like conditions.

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