It has been said that if the United Nations fascist Abiy is not taken action on the genocide that is being carried out in Tigray, it will leave a black dot on the institution.
Gohiya Akinsami has revealed that the letter written by the United Nations General Secretary Antonio Guterres has learned from Rwanda that the United Nations is still learning from Rwanda and the genocide is still happening in Ethiopia.
Following the Tigray government’s peaceful election, the statement that Abiy’s government has entered into the eyes of the government, following this, they have sent troops to kill their own citizens.
Following this, a letter sent to the United Nations has been massacred, arrested, tortured and sexually assaulted a Tigrian born in different areas.
The letter mentioned that the fascist atrocities are not enough to stop humanitarian aid from entering Tigray. And it mentioned that the people are suffering from hunger and trouble and other forms of genocide.
The atrocities that are happening on the people of Tigray have shown the statement of the United Nations and the world community that they have received a lot of evidence and the international media has repeatedly reported by Abinet.
“We believe that a genocide is being carried out as your secretary. This is not only a short question on the capacity of the institution but also a black spot on the respect of human rights of the team, but if the issue is given attention, it is still not a chance to stop before causing a severe loss,” said the letter.
If the United Nations is interested in investigating the genocide that happened in Tigray and if it is taken to know the situation in depth, it should work closely with the international organizations such as the International Red Cross Association and present it to the world community a letter said the civil society.
The international stage of Rwanda’s genocide that took place earlier in Rwanda has been held as the agenda of the world community’s discussion with the name “Rwanda can be prevented” by the civil society’s research letter that it has taught not to commit similar attacks in Africa or in other parts of the world.
Just like the United Nations didn’t pay attention to the genocide of Rwanda, after 21 years, it has said that if it doesn’t take action on the perpetrators of the genocide that is happening in Tigray after 21 years, the people of the world will leave a black spot on the organization.
In addition to the United Nations, the issue has been asked to be human and peace advocates in Africa for women’s rights activists and other international scholars to consider the issue.


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