Via @Adigrat.Vision
“After a year of forced break, 88 children can again attend the #Adigrat Vision Kindergarten.
Displacement, destruction and looting, violence, hunger and
Since November 2020, the region of Tigray and thus also the population of the town of Adigrat has suffered invasion, fear, caused by the armed conflicts between the #TPLF (Tigray Liberation Front), #Ethiopian government troops and the #Eritrean Army.
In the meantime, about 100 displaced women and their children have been housed and cared in the two buildings of the kindergarten.
Of the 88 children, 56 are malnourished. The supply situation is still alarmingly bad. Since the banks are closed, the money can only be brought into the region with great difficulty. The prices for the little food that is available are high.
The association is glad that the children have a bit of normality back; the children are happy about the piece of home baked bread for lunch.”



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