The Tigray army military command announced that the fascist Abiy’s group is trying to destroy Debrebirhan and other cities.
“… It has been noted that necessary precautions and efforts will be taken to keep the fights going out of the city and to reduce the damage to the public. It is not possible to make it effective only by the efforts of the Tigray army: the people should not be organized and secure in the environment and the people of Debrebirhan and other cities should protect your city and organizations in an organized way. The press release said that all the residents should do their part so that the factories and business institutions should not be affected. L.O.S.A. The Tigray Army Military Command has warned that the employees and guards of these organizations should perform their responsibilities by protecting your organization without any threat.
In addition to this, as stated by the Tigray government in Kebele: the leaders in woreda and municipalities should be calm and serve their people instead of following the system that is being demolished. He has again urged you to cooperate with the people and do your responsibility to maintain the peace and security of your city.
The war led by the generals who claim that they have an anti-people force that the military can’t stop “I will stop it” means “I have stopped it” is trying to hold civilians with knives and a knife and a knife and trying to make Debrebirhan and other cities a fighting center.
The fascist group that is digging up a fortress to fight Addis Ababa by closing the peace option completely. The Tigray Army military command has called for a press release that the fortress they are digging will be fought or buried. “


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